How To Become Your Own Best Essay Editor And Proofreader

One of the most important things you must do in order to earn an A+ grade on any essay writing assignment is to edit and proofread thoroughly. Even the most experienced and professional writers in the world always have a paper editor they can turn to for this last stage assistance. While I am certainly not a professional writer I certainly know the value of having somebody else to proofread my paper for all the little mistakes I know that I am certainly doing. I believe that to properly go through an essay one should employ the assistance of another person who can review the whole work without any bias. I prefer using professional proofreading services because they are reliable and affordable: two things I really like. And I also had the opportunity to learn how to do the work on my own by reviewing what the expert did to my own work. Here are a few tips I gleaned along the way:

Don’t Proofread or Edit with Tired Eyes

It’s really easy to gloss over and miss minor mistakes when trying to proofread or edit my paper too soon after finishing a current draft. Experts advise to set the assignment aside for at least a few days before doing any of these activities so that I can do so with fresh eyes.

Print Out the Essay When Reviewing

Have you ever tried doing any editing or proofreading online? It’s really hard to focus on the words on the screen and can be another issue when trying to get something done quickly. It’s better to expand the text, increase the size of line breaks and margins, and print out the assignment when reviewing.

Try Reading Aloud to Note Mistakes

By reading your assignment aloud you will increase the chances of finding clunky or confusing phrases and sentences. Any pauses or cause for re-reading can signal to you that something should be improved upon. Remember that it can be a serious distraction for the reader if he has to go back over again.

Be Your Best Critic and Don’t Hold Back

It’s essential that you try your best to be as critical of your work as possible without holding back on any arguments, transitions, sentences, phrases, and word choice. Use a red marker or pen to bring attention to parts of the assignment that absolutely need to be fixed before submittal.

Conduct Each Review Stage Separately

Finally, don’t try making revisions, edits, and proofreads in a single sitting. Each of these things needs to be done separately to do so correctly. Try having a day between each or at least a couple of hours if you have an approaching deadline and don’t have the luxury of time on your side.

The recommendations I received from my online paper editor catapulted my writing to a higher level. But from time to time I still require the services of an excellent custom thesis editing service to give me a veritable unbiased critique and correction of my work. You can find plenty of reliable services on the web; all you have to do is conduct a little research to narrow down your options to a few of the best services who fit your budget without sacrificing quality. It’s really that simple and the A+ you get back will make this all worthwhile.

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