Creative Ideas You Should Use For Your Essay About Friendship

If you have been tasked to write an essay about friendship in English, you are about to take an introspective journey into one of the most important aspects of life. Humans are social and that’s why wherever you go, you will always make friends. It is for this reason that friendship essays are so common in high school and college. Your teachers want to evaluate your critical thinking skills using this familiar theme while at the same helping to enhance your research skills. It might look like the easiest piece of writing you ever have to do but that’s until you consider the diver range of ideas when writing about friendship.

This article offers tips on writing friendship essays and gives topic suggestions for getting your started. Keep reading.

What is Friendship? Answer This First

Before you start your essay research, take time to answer this question “what is friendship?” It is the most important thing you will have to do for this project. Take time to find what other people have said about the meaning of friendship and write these thoughts down. They will come in handy when searching for your topic.

Brainstorm For Essay Ideas

If you want to write a short essay about friendship and get a good grade, you have to think beyond the common topics. The best form of writing is one that goes out of the ordinary and in this case, you have to come up with interesting ideas about friendship. Start your research online and find sample essays on the same topic, talk to your family and friends, find materials written on the friendship topic and take notes.

Identify Your Topic Idea

During your initial research, you must have come across multiple ideas about friendship. Among the most popular topic ideas, you can consider for your writing include:

  1. Description of your best friend
  2. What makes a good friend? Discuss
  3. Family or friends? Who would you choose when in trouble? Explain
  4. Discuss the qualities you should look for in a good friend
  5. Write an essay about true friendship
  6. The idea of friendship has changed tremendously with the advent of internet technology
  7. Discuss one event in your life that proved the value of a friend
  8. Rich people have rich friends. Discuss
  9. Is friendship in college overrated? Why do you feel this way?
  10. Discuss some of the issues that normally break good friendships
  11. A friend in need is a friend indeed.” Write an essay to explain this proverb
  12. A friend to everyone is a friend to no one? Do you agree?

Narrow Down on Your Essay Approach

As you continue your research for ideas, you should start narrowing down on the form of writing you want to do. You can choose from persuasive, informative, argumentative, expository and any other essay type depending on the topic idea. To find the best approach for your essay about friendship, write down the objective or the purpose of your writing. What do you want to achieve with your paper?

When writing an essay about importance of friendship, avoid complaining about your friends, don’t flatter, avoid too much drama and don’t go overboard with negativity about friendship. Make sure your essay hook captivates the reader and use examples throughout the paper to make it authentic.

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