10 Examples of Essays And Titles For A Persuasive Argument

Do you have a passionate view on a given topic? For instance, how do you feel about smoking bans in outdoor areas such as parks and patios? Or, how do you feel about the military recruiting in areas that are considered low income and higher populations of at-risk youth? These are just a couple of essay writing examples that demonstrate the basic idea behind a persuasive essay assignment. It basically posits a question and asks you to take a side with well-founded arguments in support of your position. Most teachers give students the freedom to create their own persuasive essay topics, but we know that sometimes this can be a little intimidating, especially if it’s one of the first times doing this kind of assignment. So, here is a list of 10 argumentative examples to help you write my admission essay & titles that can inspire you:

  1. Do you think that high school athletes are afforded too much power when it comes to deciding the schools they want to attend? How does this affect recruiting?
  2. Should marijuana be legalized in all 50 United States and regulated like tobacco products? How would this affect the alcohol industry considering that 21 is legal age to purchase?
  3. Does the NCAA have liability over universities’ choices to employ male athletic trainers to care for their female athletes? If not, who should bear the responsibility for these rules?
  4. Should veterinaries or other animal organizations be held responsible for putting in microchips to stray animals? Who pays for these services and how does it affect adoption?
  5. Do you believe that music tracks that are slow or deal with depression are in some ways responsible for the increase in suicide rates among teenagers and young adults?
  6. Should educators have to take and pass standardized tests similar in fashion (yet more difficult) to the standardized tests taken by high school and college students?
  7. How much more can people do to prevent the extinction of endangered animals around the world? What happens when those animals are native to poorer countries without resources?
  8. Should students continue to study core courses that are no longer promising successful professional careers? For example, are physics, chemistry, and math still desirable skills?
  9. Are young and old teens in danger as a result of their extensive use of cell phones? Should parents be held responsible for cyber theft or is this the fault of risky behavior by teens?
  10. Should the police department be allowed to profile according to DNA technologies allowed to them? Or does this violate peoples’ rights according the first amendment in the U.S.?

Looking for more argumentative essay topics? You can usually find hundreds of them through a simple word search. Or better yet you can visit a professional writing service and download one of its many lists of essay writing topics free to use. Brainstorming several essay topics and starting a couple freewriting sessions should help you narrow your choices to the one or two you feel most comfortable writing about. The more a topic interests you the more interesting your paper will be for the reader.

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